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    Products & Services
		Pipe & Tubing
			Cut Pipe
			Iron Pipe Dimensions
			Copper Pipe & Tubing
				66' Coiled
				12' Rigid
				Soft Tubing
				ACR Tubing
				DWV Tubing
				Internal Working Pressures
			Plastic Pipe Dimensions
			150# Malleable
				Elbows, Tees
				Crosses, Couplings, Caps
				Reducing Tees
					How to read a Reducing Tee
				Hex Locknuts
				Street Elbows, Tees
				Laterals, 180d Elbows
				Reducers, Reducing Elbows
			300# Malleable
				Elbows, Tees	
				Crosses, Couplings
				Street Elbows, Caps
				Reducing Tees
				Reducers, Reducing Elbows
			Malleable Unions
			Cast Iron
				125# Elbows, Tees
				125# 22-1/2" Elbows, Crosses, Laterals
				125# Reducing Cross
				125# Reducing Tee
				125# Reducing Elbow, Reducers
				125# Hex Locknut, Caps
				125# Hex/Face Bushing
				180 Return Bend Elbows
				250# Elbow, Tee
				250# Reducing Tee
			Merchant Steel
			Brass Fittings
				90, 45 Elbows, Tees
				Street 90 & 45 Elbow
				Cross, Coupling, Cap
				Reducing Tee
				Reducer, Reducing 90
				Lock Nut, Plug, Union
			Copper Fittings
				Nibco Chemical Resistance Chart
				Standard 90 Elbow
				Medium 90 Elbow
				L/T 90 Elbow
				MIP & FIP 90 Elbow
				Drop 90 Elbow
				Hy-Set 90 Elbow
				Vent & Sink 90 Elbow
				Standard 45 Elbow
				MIP & FIP 45 Elbow
				Return Bends & Double Elbows
				Standard, Reducing Tee
				FIP Tee
				Special FIP Tee
				MIP Tee
				Special Tee
				Cross, Lateral
				Coupling, Cap
				Special Couplings
				Reducer Coupling, Bushing
				MIP & FIP Adapter
				Special MIP & FIP Adapter
				Standard Union
				Union Elbow
				Bulk Head Union
				Companion Flange
				ANSI 150#
				ANSI 300#
				ANSI 400#
				ANSI 600#
				ANSI 900#
				ANSI 1500#
				ANSI 2500#
				Weld Neck Bores
				Flange Schematics
			Forged Steel
				2000# TH Fittings
				3000# SW Elbows, Tees, Cross
				3000# SW Couplings, Caps, Lateral
				3000# TH Elbows, Tees, Cross, Lateral
				3000# TH Couplings, Caps
				6000# SW Elbows, Tees, Cross
				6000# SW Couplings, Caps, Lateral
	              		6000# TH Elbows, Tees, Cross, Lateral
				6000# TH Couplings, Caps
				TH Plugs & Bushings
				3000/6000# SW & TH Unions
				3000/6000# SW Inserts
				3000/6000# SW Outlet
				3000/6000# TH Outlet
				Standard Weld Outlet
				XH Weld Outlet
				Weld Size Chart
			PVC Fittings
				S40 SW Elbow, Tee, Coupling, Cap
                                S40 SW Plug, Adapter
				S40 SW Reducing Tee, Bushing
			        S40 SW Reducing Coupling
				S40 SW 6x 90 Elbow
				S80 SW Elbow, Tee, Coupling, Cap
				S80 SW Plug, Cross, Adapter, Union
				S80 SW Reducing Tee, Busings, Red.
				S80 SW 6x 90, 45, 22-1/2" Elbow
				S80 TH Elbow, Tee, Coupling, Cap
				S80 TH Cross, Union, Reducer
				S80 Blind & Threaded Flange
				S80 Vanstone Socket Weld & Vanstone Spigot Flanges
				S80 Vanstone Threaded & Socket Weld Flanges
			Stainless Steel
				150# Elbow, Tee, Street Elbow
				150# Cross, Coupling, Cap, Reducer	
				150# Plug, Bushing, Union		
				3000# TH Elbow, Tee, Cross, Lateral
				3000# TH Coupling, Cap, Reducer
				3000# SW Elbow, Tee, Cross
				3000# SW Coupling, Cap, Lateral
				6000# TH Elbow, Tee, Cross, Lateral
				6000# TH Coupling, Cap
				3000/6000# TH Plug, Bushing
				6000# SW Elbow, Tee, Cross
				6000# SW Coupling, Cap, Lateral
				3000/6000# SW Unions
				3000/6000# SW Inserts
			Weld Fittings
				Weld 90 LR Elbow Weight
				Weld 45 LR Elbow Weight
				Weld 90 SR Elbow Weight
				Weld 180 LR Elbow Weight
				Weld 180 SR Elbow Weight
				Weld Reducers Weight
				Weld Caps Weight
				Weld Tees, Red. Tees Weight
				Type 'A' Lap Joint Weight
		AD Advantage
		Delivery Methods
		  Track UPS shipment
		ISO 9001:2008 Information
		Special Features
	        Valve Actuation Center
Technical Specs
	Pipe Specifications
	Astm Library
		Astm A-48 to A-333
		Astm A-333 to A-691
		Astm A-500 Tubing
		Astm B-75 to B-626
		Astm Cross Reference Chart
		Nickel Alloy
		Stainless Steel Alloy
		Aluminum Alloy
		Chrome Moly
	Glossary of Terms
		Glossary Search
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