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ASTM A-48 to A-312
ASTM A-333 to A-691
ASTM A-500 Tubing
ASTM B-75 to B-626
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Nibco Chemical Resistance Chart

Grade Pipe Tubing Weld Forging Plate
  Specs. Specs. Fitting Specs. Specs. Specs.
High Temp Use A-106 GR. B  A-234 WPB A-105 
  A-53 GR. B     
Low Temp Use A-333 GR. 6 A-334 GR. 6 A-420 WPL6 A350 LF2  
(Fine Grain)          
Carbon A-335 P1 A-161 T1 A-234 WP1 A-182 F1 A-204 GR. B
1/2% Moly   A-209 T1      
1-1/4% Chrome A-335 P11 A-199 T11 A-234 WP11 A-182 F11 A-387 GR. 11
1/2% Moly A-691 A-200 T11      
  (1-1/4% Cr.) A-213 T11      
2-1/4% Chrome A-335 P22 A-199 T22 A-234 WP22 A-182 F22 A-387 GR. 22
1% Moly A-691 A-200 T22      
  (2-1/4% Cr.) A-213 T22      
4-6% Chrome A-335 P5 A-199 T5 A-234 WP5 A-182 F5 A-387 GR. 5
1/2% Moly A-691 A-200 T5      
  (5% Cr.) A-213 T5      
8-10% Chrome A-335 P9 A-199 T9 A-234 WP9 A-182 F9 A-387 GR. 9
1% Moly A-691 A-200 T9      
  (9% Cr.) A-213 T9      
3-1/2% Nickel A-333 GR. 3 A-334 GR. 3 A-420 WPL3 A-350 LF3 A-203 GR. D
18% Chrome A-312 T304 A-213 T304 A-403 T304 A-182 T304 A-240 T304
8% Nickel A-358 T304 A-249 304      
    A-269 T304      
Note: Above also available in T304L and T304H
18% Chrome A-312 316 A-213 T316 A-403 T316 A-182 T316 A-240 T316
8% Nickel A-358 T316 A-249 T316      
2-3% Moly A-269 T316        
Note: Above also available in T316L and T316H
18% Chrome A-312 T321 A-213 T321 A-403 T321 A-182 T321 A-240 T321
8% Nickel A-249 T321        
Titanium A-269 T321        
18% Chrome A-312 T347 A-213 T347 A-403 T347 A-182 T347 A-240 T347
8% Nickel A-249 T347        
(Columbium & A-269 T347        
Note: Above also available in T347H
Note: Stainless steel also available in T309/S, T310/S, and T317
6061T6 B-241 B-210 B-361 B-247 B-221
Note: Above also available in other grades and tempers
Alloy 20 B-464 B-468 B-366 B-462 B-463
Alloy 20CB3 B-729        
Alloy 200 B-161 B-163 B-366WPN B-160 B-162
Alloy 201 B-161 B-163 B-366 WPNL B-160 B-162
Alloy 400 B-165 B-163 B-366 WPNC B-164 B-127
Alloy 600 B-167 B-163 B-366 WPNCI B-166 B-168
Alloy 800 B-407 B-163 B-366 WPNIC B-408 B-409
Note: Above also available in other Monel, Inconel, and Incoloy grades
Alloy C276 B-619 B-622 B-366 WPHC276 B-574** B-575**
  B-622 B-626      
Note: Above also available in other Hastelloy grades

Howell assumes no liability for any damages or injuries incurred while using this data chart.
The information is provided here for information purposes only.

  • Alloy 20CB3 is a trade mark of Carpenter Technologies.
  • Hastelloy is a trade mark of Haynes Ltd.
  • Monel, Inconel, and Incoloy are trade marks of INCO Ltd.
  • ** Hastelloy Flanges are produced from B-574 Bar or B-575 Plate depending on the size.
    There is no actual specification.

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